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Eric’s mission as both a cosmetic surgeon and chemist is to help you feel your best and enjoy life to the fullest. With Love Lotion, he used his training, knowledge and experience to formulate a product that meets his own high standards for safety, comfort and excellence. “The journey in creating Love Lotion has been full of fun and discovery. It’s allowed us to combine our love of adventure and creative instincts with our scientific educations to bring this wonderful, sensual product to you. We believe there is nothing else quite like Love Lotion and we’re proud of the product we’ve created.”  - Christine Weiss y Eric A.Weiss, MD



Since childhood, Dr. Eric Weiss loved mixing ingredients to create magic potions. Even as a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he never lost his fascination for experimentation.

Eric made his first all-natural body scrubs and lotions as products for his family and friends. He was challenged to create a natural, personal lubricant as sensual as it was safe. After perfecting a base of natural botanicals, Eric and his wife Chris traveled to France and Spain and combed the four corners of the globe for just the right combination of essential oils to enliven the senses and heighten pleasure.


After several years of research and refinement, Love Lotion made its debut.


Eric and Chris founded Love Alchemy, and Love Lotion became their signature product. They designed an elegant package to honor the sensual nature of the formula inside. It is a gift you can give with confidence, sharing a bit of magic special friends will enjoy.